Innovative R/C Racing Products 
New product
XT60 Charger Cable (500mm wire length, 4/5mm bullets+ radio battery plug)
XT60 Power Cord (12AWG wire, 500mm length , 4mm bullets)
Sensor Wire, 80mm, Small to Medium Size Golden Connector (Miniz)
1:10 F1 Rubber Front Tire Set- ( Pre-Glued, 42R, 1set 2pcs)
M-Radon V2 (20A) Speed Control
7.6V 4200mAh 120C C LiPo battery(18.5mm height)
Pro-Driver Tyre Warmer
7.6V 6600mAh 130C LiPo battery
7.6V 5600mAh 130C LiPo battery(94mm)
R/C Carry Tool Bag
Digital Brushless Servo (SSR type and Brushless System )
Vacuum Pump Master
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