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Hong Kong Charity Race at 2015(Mar-24)
Team Powers Cup Race Round 1 at PYC at (Mar-12):
Team Powers FF cup race at PYC
Viper Cup Race at PYC track(RD 4) in HK
JMRCA TC national race 2014
AOC race at PYC in Hong Kong
Yugo Nagashima joins Team Powers
Orca Cup Race 2014
Team Powers Cup Race at PYC at (Aug-11)
Viper cup race at PYC
Team Powers GP race in the UK- Marstons Model Car club

Team Powers International Facebook address:


PS: Radon Pro ESC is ROAR approved with non-timing operation at Dec-28,2013.


New!! New Pit Lamp is available now!!


* Ultra Slim Design
* Fold Up Type Aluminum Body
* Extra Light Weight
* Aluminum Part Tray Stand
* On/Off Power Switch With Adjustable Brightness
* 48pcs High Intensity LED With Low Power Consumption
* Can connect with 12~13.8V power supply or 10V power adaptor(included)

New!! New disk and 7-stroke rim will be available for all spec tires. Much harder with better performance!!

New!! 7.4V 6200mAH 100C LiPo Battery (UHV edition)  is available !!

New!! 4 / 5mm compatible Golden Plug for Lipo Battery is available now!!

New!! Primus Digital Servo - Standard profile(Sport Version) is available now!!


New!! Advanced Timing Endbell  (support Plutonium V1, V2 & Actinium motor) is available now!!

New!! Lipo Safety Bag is avaliable now!!

New!! Aluminium Part Tray is avaliable now!!



New!! 7.4V 6000mAH 100C LiPo Battery (Square pack)  is available now!!

New!! Xbooster Cap (indispensable for stock or blinky mode race) is available now!!

Xbooster Cap Demo:

New!! 7.4V 6200mah, 80c Saddle Battery is available now!!

NEW!!  Radon Sport (95A) is available now!!

Special Features:
All Firmware program, Program card and PC interface can be compatible with Radon Pro.
* All functions should be the same as Radon Pro except Radon Sport support 5.5T motor or over.
Competitive Price for those entry and intermediate level users.

New!! Actinum Brushless motor(ROAR Approved) is available now!!


Improved features based on Plutonium V1.0 motor:

- Come with option 12.5mm roar spec rotor
- New type neodymium sintered rotor and air flow convection system that can lower the temperature by 5~10'C
-  Easy for assembly. Just screw out 3pcs screw and take out the rotor directly without the need to dissembly the end bell and sensor board
- Use low resistane and thicker wire for wiring that can come out more power

New!! Setup Board  is available now





Setup Board Dimension: 450x300mm
Setup Board Power Input: 12~15V
LED Pad Dimension: 160x90mm
LED Light Power Input: 10~12V

Setup Board have 3 levels light intensity adjustment
With left/right and up/down balancer
160mm~230mm width Measurement for any car kit within the range
LED Light has continuous light intensity adjustment
Setup board includes two holes to mount the LED light or the LED light can be mounted to the LED Pad directly

NEW!! Next generation Brushless Esc: Radon Pro (140A) is available now.

New Innovative "Turbo Compress and Twin Speed" functions: It includes Turbo K and Turbo T Level to allow the turbo come out more quickly with more top end speed.



PC Interface:

Radon PC Software(TP_Radon USB Link V1.0):

Click to download TP_Radon USB link V1.0.exe


ESC Firmware:

Standard Firmware (For stock and modify):

Click to download RS-Code-V1.0.rar
Click to download RS-Code-V1.1.rar  (ROAR Approved Non-Timing Firmware)
Click to download RS-Code-V1.3.rar  (for modified race)
Click to download RS-Code-V1.4.rar  (for stock race)
Click to download RS-Code-V1.5.rar  (for stock race & modify race)

RS-Code-V1.3 Firmware changes:
- reduce the forward/backward deadband, make the response more sensitive to throttle
- change brake profile with quicker response and have more liner brake when in the steering
- overall acceleration is improved

RS-Code-V1.4 Firmware changes:
- much faster acceleration, aim for stock mode race

RS-Code-V1.5 Firmware changes:
- same faster acceleration with v1.4, but it can be compliant with modify race mode as well
- improve the brake response time and linearity

(Note: Please unzip with the use of WinRar tools or other unzip tools)


LCD Program Card Firmware:

Click to download RPS-Code-V1.1.rar

LCD program update picture:

Click to download LCD_program_update.jpg

V1.1 program card firmware change: can show the LCD firmware
and ESC firmware version at the start of LCD screen

(Note: Please unzip with the use of WinRar tools or other unzip tools)


Mode Setting Descriptions:

(English Version):

Click to download: ModeDescription-11182013-English.pdf

(Chinese Version):

Click to download: ModeDescription-11182013 - chinese.pdf



. Ultra-smooth, Precise Throttle and Braking Control
. Compatible with Sensored/Sensorless Brushless Motors
. Data Analysis Capability(RPM, Low voltage and ESC temperature)
. HotWire PC Interface for Advanced Programming and Updating
. Easily Programming through the Program card(not included in the package)
. Built-in one touch On/Off switch with LED
. Bulit-in Low voltage cut-off, Overheat protection and signal loss protection

. Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse
. Input Voltage: 2S-3S lipo
. BEC: 6V/3A
. Motor Limit: 4.5T or over
. Max current: ~140A per phase
. Size: ~39.5x30x20mm
. Weight: ~46g

New!! Tyre Additive (Lusty GH)  is available now !!

(with Mighty Grip V2 effect, but with more consistence in overall run time)

New!! 7.4V 4400mah, 50c stick pack Battery is available!!

2013 Reedy Race of Champions
Brumblay, Austin - Winner of the Touring Car NR 17.5 class. He use Plutonium 17.5T motor,  team powers 6800mah,70c battery and xps pro v1.2 esc


Erchinger_Ethan - Winner of the Touring Car Modified class. He use Plutonium 4.5T motor and xps pro v1.2 esc


Cameron Wagner - 3rd of the NR 21.5 F1 class. He use Plutonium 21.5T motor and team powers 4400mah,60c short battery


2012 Reedy Race- Team Powers Team

2012 Reedy Race of Champions
Cortes,Gonzalo - Winner and TQ of the Touring Car NR 13.5 class. He use Team Powers 13.5T Plutonium Edition


Davenport,James - Winner and TQ of the Touring Car NR 17.5 class. He use Team Powers 17.5T Plutonium Edition

Brumblay,Austin - Get A3 for the Touring Car NR 17.5 class. He use Team Powers 17.5T Plutonium Edition

XPS Pro - Suggested Race Setting


Plutonium Brushless Motor Introduction Video



2011 Jconcepts National Race - Short Course Car Race:
Ryan Sagisi - Winner and TQ of the Short Course 17.5T race class. He use Team Powers 17.5T Plutonium Edition

2011 Reedy Race of Champions:
Jessie Starks - Winner and TQ of the Open Modified class. He use Team Powers 4.0T Plutonium Edition

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